Firstly, we hope that you and all those close to you are well during these unprecedented times.

Our top priority, aside from creating beautiful photos for you, is your safety and that of your clients. We continue to review the latest information available and update our practices accordingly to ensure we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe.

With this in mind, we are only providing services to properties that are sanitized and photo-ready. Where possible, we ask that the property is vacant for the duration of the shoot.

Your photographer will be wearing PPE while working to ensure your property remains clean and safe and they will only touch door handles and light switches etc with gloved and/or sanitized hands. 

Following the latest medical advice, we ask that owners and representatives observe adequate space for the photographer to work safely or leave for the duration of the shoot. We are happy to call or text at the start of the session and the end. If keys or codes are provided for access we will ensure the property is secured before we leave.

In order to have as little physical contact as possible with surfaces and items in your property during the photography, we have provided the check list below to help you prepare for your real estate photography shoot with us. We are also happy to offer further information or advice should you wish. Just reach out and ask, we stand by to help!


Suggested Preparation Check List:

Remove any additional furniture/clutter from the property

Hide trash cans, toilet brushes, plungers, laundry, and cleaning products from view

Put away all personal items such as toiletries, jewelry, medication

Remove family photos that include small children

Ensure all lights are working

Clean and sanitize the property

Consider vacating the property for the duration of the photoshoot (we can give you an estimate on how long the session will be)

Provide the photographer with an access code or key for entry and departure